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2011 - Current on Facebook

Christmas Shopping

For Christmas this year, I've decided to "catch up" on all my bills as opposed to buying presents. Thanks Mom for talking me into it :P


Halloween weekend coming soon...
I find myself easily annoyed today. PMS?

Wow it does work

So it has been awhile since I've updated my journal. Business has been steady yet I still feel something is missing in my life. Gawd knows how log it's been since I've dated. Its not even appealing to me really at this stage in life.

The year is now entering fall. Summer was a bit short as I didn't get to go anywhere on vacation. Money is up and down depending on business. Definitely a change for me and so hard to plan stuff because of this.

I haven't decided what I want to be for Halloween. Last year I was a Roman - I will definitely order my costume online again since it worked out great.

I still think the Hooters Girl costume would be hilarious, but they don't sell attire to plus size girls lol

Cross Apps

I wonder if this cross-app (facebook, twitter, livejournal, myspace) posting works.

3 Couples, Married

Three straight couples, over the course of this year that I thought I was close to, got married without inviting me this year.

I'm not really sure how to take it really. Each couple said they wanted to do it in private, yet when they post their wedding day pictures on facebook, there are other peeps present or some sort of dinner/reception afterwards.

Should I take it personal?
Is it that they still feel uncomfortable over my sexuality?

I used to make fun of those gay activist over marriage, yet now I am starting to understand.

I feel left out in so many ways.