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Summer 2010

I haven't wrote here in awhile. To sum it up:

I was mugged
Leg was broken and was unable to walk for a month
The police refused to make any arrest because I couldn't give a clear description

Dating anyone has been unappealing lately - my first dry spell in awhile lol
Business has been steady, made a price listing for services, even made a sales disclosure

How do I feel? Not sure, all I know is something is still missing.


Renewed my lease. I figure that I would try another year here to see what happens with my business.
Optimistic is easy while patience is not.
However in my personal life - being single and not looking has been a plus. Going to a BBQ on Saturday - got invited by this guy who is from Aussie land - should be fun.

March 2010

Health Care passed - people are really confused about what exactly is going to happen - so they are divided on the issue. Whats ironic is that we are the last 1st world country to finally have some sort of health care for all. I don't understand how this could be a bad thing. I guess Americans are all about money - which is sad.

Business has been steady. I tried advertising on Craigslist but all I get is spam.
Also there may be a contact with technical support in the works - we'll see.

I've been dreaming about the Dean's lately. I haven't seen any of them in over ten years this spring. Too many questions unanswered - I don't even know how I really feel about that situation anymore.

I finally started my business

Interview with Open Text

I totally flopped in the beginning of the interview with technical knowledge - and it was programs that I have used before! However, when it came to the customer service / personality questions - I made a come back. I felt so unprepared to the questions they were asking - that I resorted to million dollar words and a bunch of jumbo haha

Mixed emotions if I did well or not - lets wait and see.

Full Moon

I'm glad I went out last night instead of tonight....I'm an emotional wreck for no reason. The moon makes me on my period.


His Own House

Three qualities I look for in a guy. Sounds easy enough, right?

I'm still single.

New Years resolutions:

Finish my A+ certifications and move out of Tucson.

Jan. 3rd, 2010

The claimant was last employed as an at-home customer service representative by the
employer, a communications company in Tucson, Arizona, for approximately 1 year
prior to being discharged on 6/23/2009.
The employer was having technical difficulties with their phone system during the month
of June, 2009. The system would freeze while the representatives were logged-on and
attempting to take customer calls. If this should happen, neither the customer, nor the
customer service representative, nor the supervisor monitoring the calls, would hear the
other party speaking while they were logged in. The system would also automatically
log the customer representative off and shut him/her out of the system. A series of
emails were sent out during this time period acknowledging the difficulties and urging
the representatives to "keep trying to log back into the One of these
particular emails was dated, Saturday, 6/20/2009; another was dated Monday,
6/22/2009. On Sunday, 6/21/2009, th supervisor was monitoring the
calls. He observed that the claimant was logged on but when he plugged-in
to listen, he hear the calls at all. The supervisor informed the claimant and the
claimant explained that he had been having the technical difficulties. Two days later the
claimant was fired for this incident.
The emails that were admitted into evidence clearly showed the technical difficulties of
the phone system. The supervisor conceded during the testimony that not
hearing the call while the claimant was logged on could have been due to the issues
with the system. There has not been misconduct shown in this instance.
Therefore, the Administrative Law Judge concludes that the claimant was discharged for
reasons other than willful or negligent misconduct in connection with the employment.
The employer's experience rating account shall be charged for benefits paid the
claimant as a result of this employment.
The Determination of Deputy is affirmed. The claimant was discharged for reasons other
than willful or negligent misconduct in connection with the employment. No penalty is

Christmas 2009

I'm going to play Santa and only get people who have been truly good this year...